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Lessons in Character, Ethics, and Leadership
SINCE 1969

The D-Day Leadership Academy is a program that provides lessons and experiences in character, ethics, and leadership by sharing the stories of D-Day: the events, the sites, and the people.  We are a part of Denver PAL, a 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving young people since 1969. 

N'oublions Jamais Leur Histoire.
Never forget their story.

The D-Day Leadership Academy began as a promise to WWII Veterans to keep their stories alive - and has grown into an immersive, educational, history and leadership program that shares the lessons of D-Day with a new generation. We're fortunate to have had input from Veterans who were there on June 6, 1944 so we can use their experiences to help guide us.

Walk in historic footsteps
Visit Normandy

Our curriculum culminates with a visit to Normandy, France where students interact with French families and see the sites themselves. It's a life-changing experience and one not soon forgotten.

Your generous donations help us cover program costs
and provide scholarship opportunities to deserving students.

Donations Make This Possible

We created the D-Day Leadership Academy to provide an opportunity to underserved students to travel to another country on another continent - to get them out of their comfort zones and to see how big and wonderful the world is and to teach them vibrant, important, wonderful lessons about American leadership.

You're in good company

Thank you to some of our sponsors

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“Normandy serves as a symbol of both the cost and the fruition of peace, a place where stained glass gleams in reverence of paratroopers in churches that are scarred with bullet holes and bloodstains, a place where flowers grow in bomb craters strewn across the countryside, a place where children play on beaches that were once blanketed in warfare. And my life has been changed by being able to witness it.

I am so crazy thankful for this experience.”

Sophie K., Columbine High School 
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