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By clicking on the button below, you can choose which program of ours to donate to. If you'd like to make a monthly donation, please click the appropriate box to enable it.

We rely on your donations like yours to make our program run and to make it available to more great students. Please help us if you can. For any questions or issues related to your donations, please email


DLA is a program under the

Denver Police Activities League, Inc., a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit entity.

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DLA takes the attributes of the Greatest Generation - putting others first, leading from the front, managing chaos, being prepared while showing empathy - and teaches valuable lessons of leadership for business and students in a setting where the lessons are not just mere words, but were lived out in order to protect our freedoms.”

John Hayes, 
CEO Ball Corp

​Michael Vickers

​Dave Watts

Dan Zemke

Jennifer Cooper

Bill and Maribeth Hanzlik

20 Students Sponsored

​John Hayes Family Foundation

Ryan Harris (2 Scholarships)

Tommy Spaulding Family

​Frank DeVita USCG in memoriam- Rich DeVita, Stacie Bush, Jennifer Claire Scott

​Byron Haselden Family

​Brent and Carrie Vaughan

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