Our Mission

We created the D-Day Leadership Academy to provide an opportunity to underserved students to travel to another country on another continent - to get them out of their comfort zones and to see how big and wonderful the world is, and to teach them vibrant, important, wonderful lessons about American leadership. Our program also serves corporate, family, and non-scholarship clients, and all of that helps us underwrite our scholarship programs. But it's not enough, and we need your help.


Scholarship Program

Our goal is to provide scholarships for one hundred deserving middle and high school from across the United States every year. The cost of the program for students is $2500. After only a few months, our family scholarships are providing nearly 10% of that figure. If you're interested in a family or group scholarship with a monthly donation of about $210, click here.

WWII African-American Soldier Monument
 Normandy, France

We are working with world-renowned Denver sculptor Ed Dwight to create and place the first monument in Normandy that specifically honors black soldiers that participated in the landings on and after D-Day. Their heroism and steadfast commitment to their mission, often against two enemies was a main reason the invasion of Europe was successful at all. We're happy to work to honor them. We are accepting donations for this major project that will likely be a multi-year endeavor.