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Our Programs

With our headquarters in beautiful Sainte-Mère-Église in Normandy, we have numerous leadership programs available for students and corporate groups. We can also host your family or group sightseeing trips.



Corporate Leadership Programs

Available Programs

(Up to 4 participants plus spouses/guests):

September 2022 (2 Programs)

October 2022 (2 Programs)

March 2023 (1 Program)

April 2023 (2 Programs)

May 2023 (3 Programs)


Student Leadership Programs

Available Programs

(8-12 students plus 3-4 chaperones):

June 2023 (4 Programs)

July 2023 (4 Programs)

August 2023 (2 Programs)

Family/Group  Sightseeing Trips

We can host your family or group and show you the treasures Normandy has to offer, without the leadership training. Lodging, meals, transportation and special tours can all be arranged.

Group sizes from 8-20.